When Will Pubs And Clubs Reopen In England

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When Will Pubs And Clubs Reopen In England? Having been under lockdown for so many months, many people ask when will pubs and clubs be open and, in particular, when can entertainment like karaoke be allowed in these venues.   According to the Prime Minister and the government in general, the dates and what will be happening are listed below.

  • 12 April – Restaurants and pub gardens will be allowed to serve customers sitting outdoors – including alcohol; customers can meet in a group of up to six people from different households; a maximum of two households can meet to form a group of any size
  • 17 May – Hospitality venues can seat customers indoors; parties can be made up of a maximum of six people or two households of any size; groups seated outside must be smaller than 30 people
  • 21 June – All coronavirus restrictions will be lifted, and nightclubs will be allowed to re-open

Going by the last instructions, 21 June, it stands to reason that entertainment will not be allowed in the hospitality venues until all restrictions are lifted.

The government has set coronavirus criteria that the country needed to meet, such as the effective roll-out of the vaccine, fall in deaths, and the number of infected people.

Any new information that I receive will be posted.

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