Coronavirus Lockdown Of Karaoke Entertainment

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Coronavirus Lockdown Of Karaoke Entertainment  As you all will know; currently, there are no karaoke entertainment activities due to the current lockdown.  It has been very hard on many of us; our mental state is in decline; we cannot socialise with our friends and family members, which is very hard.

Pubs and clubs are experiencing a decline in their financial intake, but they suffer from not having any entertainment.  Although we miss so much over the last year, it would appear that the current vaccine rollout is causing us to come close to lifting all the current COVID 19 restrictions, and we will be able to go back to some semblance of normalcy for everyone.

We all must do our part, take the vaccine, keep our distance, wear our mask.  If we hold on for a couple more months, we will again get back to living life the way we were meant to do.

So, to all our karaoke friends and family, keep the faith trust in the vaccine, and we will be singing our hearts out very soon.